Skyforge – New open world map introduced for sci-fi fantasy game

[Beta register] Obsidian and Allods Team have released a new video showcasing the Eskenian Peninsula, a new sprawling open world map in the upcoming sci-fi fantasy MMORPG, Skyforge. The Eskenian Peninsula is one idyllic coastal region before the local wildlife became hostile and inhabitants became threatened by hordes of Demons that have escaped from ancient seals in nearby temples.


For centuries, the temple succeeded in its mission in sealing the Demons, empowered by Faith of Aeli’s loyal followers. Years passed and with Aeli’s sudden disappearance, the citizens of Aelion forget why the temple was erected in the first place. The descendants of those entrusted by Aeli to maintain the complex began to recall conflicting stories regarding what had originally transpired there.

Skyforge - Eskenian Penisula screenshot 1

With each passing decade, fewer choose to believe in their duty, which in turn weakened the magic that kept the portals sealed. These seals would be further weakened some 500 years ago, when a Phytontide invasion assaulted the mostly forgotten facility. While the invasion was unsuccessful, the attack did managed to damage the seals that kept this land safe, causing the incoming disaster.

Skyforge - Eskenian Penisula screenshot 2

One day, like a dormant volcano, the inevitable finally arrived as the ancient seals that held the demons at bay finally gave way, delivering the monsters back into our realm. Swarms of creatures poured into the temple through the breach, causing the local inhabitants to call out for the assistance of Aelion’s Immortals in cleansing the threat and restoring peace. That is where players come in!

Skyforge - Eskenian Penisula screenshot 3