Devilian – New game from Trion Worlds is probably Korean action RPG

Yesterday, Trion Worlds, publisher of games including ArcheAge and RIFT, revealed a teaser website hinting at its upcoming online game. Though with only two sentences and and heavy “devil” hint with the teaser artwork, it was not hard to point the game out. After a quick comparison, Trion Worlds’ new MMORPG is most likely to be Devilian, or localized to the name “Devil Inside You”.

Devilian artwork

What exactly is Devilian? The first online game from South Korea studio, Ginno Games, the team wanted to create a product which will rival Diablo III, given its shaky start and negative user response. Drawing inspiration from Diablo II, Devilian was born, with all playable characters able to transform into devil form, like a berserk mode. The game is still running in South Korea and China.


There are currently four classes: Dualist (tank), Elementalist (magic DPS), Shadow Hunter (assassin), and Cannon Shooter (ranged DPS). While Devilian has many PVE dungeons, the game also boasts a 20 vs 20 PVP battle mode, with PvEvP boss dungeons as well. For more gameplay videos, please visit this article or head to my previous articles on Devilian. A mobile version is in development.