Dream of Mirror Online – Limited keys for Closed Beta up for grabs

One of the earliest anime-style online games to hit the English market, Dream of Mirror is coming back! The new global English server will be published by Suba Games, with no IP restrictions. Dream of Mirror Online is actually based on a popular Chinese series, “轩辕剑”, which is also referred to as the Chinese version of Japan’s “Final Fantasy”.

Dream of Mirror Online screenshot 1

Developed by Taiwanese studio Softstar Entertainment, Dream of Mirror Online will launch with four playable races, pet system, the familiar flight function, wedding and more. Suba Games and MMO Culture have teamed up to distribute a limited amount of Closed Beta keys, so grab one before all are gone! Closed Beta will begin on 13 February, at 5:00 PM (EST).

All keys claimed

Step 1

Obtain a Closed Beta key.

Step 2

Visit: https://subagames.com/distribute.aspx?webid=849098 and submit your Closed Beta key.

Please note that you must be logged into your Suba Games account to proceed. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for an account at: https://subagames.com.

Step 3

Download and install the game client. Closed Beta starts on 13 February, at 5:00 PM (EST). Follow the official Facebook page for more details!

Dream of Mirror Online screenshot 2 Dream of Mirror Online screenshot 3