Luna: Moonlight Bandits – Teaser trailer and first screenshots posted

Please note that Luna: Moonlight Bandits is not official, just a rough translation. First announced back in 2011 under a different name and a direct sequel to Luna Online, the developer has changed hands from Eyasoft to a studio known as BH Games. Webzen is now the Korean publisher, and has just released a new teaser trailer. The game is scheduled for a private test next month.


Little info has been provided, other than the “Luna mode” where non-target combat will be activated, along with PvE and PvP features, and also several kinds of weapons to choose from. The pet system from the first version will be intact as well. The first screenshots are not really flattering in this modern age of awesome game graphics, but it might be just the thing to make the game stand out.

Luna Moonlight Bandits screenshot 1 Luna Moonlight Bandits screenshot 2