Luna Story: ELs – Sequel to the popular Luna Online announced

Looks like Eyasoft is back in business after facing some financial troubles earlier on, which was partially helped by Nexon Korea buying some of the company’s shares. Business side apart, this is Luna Story: Els, a sequel to both Luna Online and Luna Plus, taking place in the familiar Blueland.

Luna Story ELs image

If you are wondering what does “ELs” stands for, it is actually the new core feature which will be found in this game. El, in singular form, stands for the new pet beings players will obtain.

The focus now is apparently on this El system, which will aid players during battles and provide companionship as well. Players can choose to manually control the Els,although they can be just as effective if the automated command is set.

Luna Story ELs screenshot

Els will learn skills, have different grades and levels and also an indepth growth system. If you have played AIKA Online, it will be something like an upgrade of the Pran system.

In development will be more features circling around the Els, including housing, farming, and even a smart phone app which lets players interact with them and while on the move and gain extra rewards. Treat it as a second in-game world just for them!

Luna Story ELs screenshot

The other feature revealed so far will be the instanced dungeons, coined as the “Infinity Dungeon” system. While not being fully revealed, it is said that dungeons will evolve and introduce new monsters and areas as players level up and re-visit them.

There will hence be constant surprises and hidden content each time and players will not get bored. This is something like active scaling if I am not wrong.

Luna Story ELs screenshot

I was just about to miss out on the character classes available. The 4 basic classes are Swordman, Assassin, Gun Shooter and Magician. I expect a large class tress similar to the game’s predecessors to be revealed in time to come.

Luna Story ELs screenshot

Luna Story: ELs is scheduled to enter Closed Beta something in Q1 2012 (updated Oct 2012 – game is still in development), with the game receiving much praises from overseas publishers in the Business to Business (B2B) area during G*Star 2011.

Luna Story ELs screenshot


  1. Point & click system indeed, same redundant mechanic but different skin, aka low budget grindfest mmo. Good graphic as always but i pass.
    When these companies move to the next-gen action system?

  2. Bleh, point & click.
    But i'm kind of a sucker for cute things.
    Might try it for a few days just to fool around with a pet, uninstall it a few days later and then never try it again.

  3. peopl get tired of the same point and click slow paced lol in 2012 there will be a little lame games lol age of wulin is coming out arche age blade and soul aion is free to play i hope with no ip blocks lol and fire fall,seven core, we got swtor (star wars the old republic)and dc universe with the aiming cross hairs thing like tera and tera is coming out so all lame companies give up and submit to them (wow and copy cats)and gunz the duel 2 i rather try that then this but i mite give it a try if it comes out before age of wulin im not about to have alot of mmo's donwloaded in my computer lol i have a life and better things to do then play games all day

  4. cinder boy what is ur honest opinion about this game lol we all should think the same. ehh maybe not really into it :). put awesome mmo's only we like them way better like a god of war style fighting mmo but a mmorpg like the final fantasy console game the soul worker you put i would put it to cause of the awesome graphics and how it looks good pick we r all probably 13-28 or 13-36 lol we understand.

    Shut down Luna Plus
    Waste our effort, Time, And Money.
    Throw Our Community away for THIS??!
    Change is good. But when it takes everything away FROM US its not even bad, its a disaster.I will Fight this.
    IGN: Visor
    Server: Eclipse
    Goal: Keeping Luna Online ONLINE!

  6. how does this people get these previous??? O.o oh well… game looks awesome i really love pets and graphics so i think i'm going to like it a lot ^^ this is a girls perfect game. anime like, cute and with a lot a awesome pets :p i hope they release a closed beta and i really hope this is true and not some false rumors >.<

  7. how does this people get these previous??? O.o oh well… game looks awesome i really love pets and graphics so i think i'm going to like it a lot ^^ this is a girls perfect game. anime like, cute and with a lot a awesome pets :p i hope they release a closed beta and i really hope this is true and not some false rumors >.<

  8. Well, all I can say is send me a flippin beta key already….and do it BEFORE you shut down Luna Plus. Coming from someone who has been playing luna since the open of the first Beta, and I mean for Luna OL, the original, this is a pang in the empty parts of my heart for the cute, chibi game that i love so much. And apparently there are hundreds of people just like me who can't understand why our favorite game (of which there really is no other like it) is being shut down. Well: Gala-net, Gpotato, EyaSoft, I've got news for you. If you think that I am going to play any of your other games…think again, because I refuse to have my virtual heart broken again, no matter how GOOD you think your games are. Unless you plan to compensate EVERY Luna plus player, by sending us all beta keys for Luna Story Els, then please take a long walk…and don't come back!!!

  9. Losing Luna Plus in what 3 days? This game looks cute and might be fun but anyone else who has played Luna from OL to Plus understands why I'm not so sure about trying this out ._. if I like it and it dies too, bye Eya~
    IGN: xAspen
    Server: Crescent
    (For 3 more days)

  10. i dont care what people say about P&C games

    luna is a great game and im happy this is coming out

  11. @xAspen I've played luna since ol to plus too and I get the frustration just as much even more after lovin 4 characters lvl 120+ but hell, I knew this kinda things happen so… Hell I'll just try eet xD

    Those who complaint bout the p&c style, you're just lazy lol xD

  12. luna is close for that new game luna els story but how is game start and why is close luna plus i love i miss my friend i love my friend and now go whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will start luna pluss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I played a game before my mother found a game called Florens I looked on youtube and I found this game plus months I kept looking and I loved it but when I heard the game is a close friend told me the game is closed because there is another game story els months and then I waited and now my heart is broken

    i will speake is not exist another game than luna i love luna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @Elisa don't be stupid the only server that closed was gpotato, i still play oficial luna plus for latinos, gpotato closed cuz eya s being dumb and giving a bad service.


  15. @Random anonymous person; Better graphics than WoW, like 35973967937 other games xD

    Anyway, This looks cute though. I’d try it if i could D:

  16. For all of you people complaining about luna plus being shut down, luna plus was garbage and it was shut down because by producing luna plus they ruined the original luna. People got bored with their fail changes and then quit, making them loose money.
    I hope they come out with this and hopefully it is more like the original luna and not plus. Plus was broken and stupid easy.

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