SevenCore – Webzen launches English server today for global gamers

[Game website] Earlier today, Webzen announced the launch of SevenCore, which is now available on its global game portal. All players with active Webzen accounts will be able to access the new game. Data from the previous provider, Route Entertainment Korea, is merged with Webzen as well.


Players can initially select their characters from 3 different races and 3 classes, each with their own racial abilities and skill sets. Unique combat abilities of mounts and weapons add another degree of strategy. SevenCore also offers incredible depth when it comes to character customization.

SevenCore image 1

From today through to 2nd December 2014, Webzen will be running a variety of events to celebrate the launch. All players can avail of 30% EXP Boost for free, allowing them to level up their characters really fast. In addition, players will receive Level Up Boost Gifts every 2 levels.

SevenCore screenshot 1