Journey to the West – Closed Beta is now live for all English gamers

[Game website] Developed by China studio XiaoYou and published by Cubizone, Journey to the West International  has now started the Closed Beta phase! Just a note, there will be no IP block, hence everyone is free to try the game out, though the server is located in Southeast Asia.


Journey to the West does not exactly follow the original storyline, but based on a modified version of the famous novel, hence there might be some unfamiliar scenes. There are 4 playable classes, each filling the standard archetype and an awfully familiar-looking loli…

Journey to the West International - Kitsune class

One of the main features here will be the 72 Transformations system, where players can transform into boss characters temporary and gain their skills. The transformation items can be acquired from drops, quests and even cooking. Once again, there is no IP block, so give it a try!

Journey to the West International screenshot