Dragon Samurai – New mobile action MMORPG launches worldwide

Developer Finger Motion, in association with Cubizone, recently celebrated the global launch of its new mobile action MMORPG, Dragon Samurai. Available now on Google Play for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices, Dragon Samurai features 4 playable classes in Vanguard, Rogue, Samurai, and Seer. Players must hack and slash way their way through Eliem, a fantasy world invaded by monster and many unknown entities!

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Since the Closed Beta phase for Dragon Samurai ended a few months back, a new content patch known as “Uprising” was also added during the official launch. Unlocked features include character costumes, mounts, various upgrade systems, 2 vs 2 battlefield, additional story chapter, and also a new open world map. Even more content are being prepared!