Dragon Samurai – Closed Beta begins for new mobile action MMORPG

Developer Finger Motion, in association with Cubizone, today launched the Closed Beta phase of its new mobile action MMORPG, Dragon Samurai. Available now on Google Play for Android devices, the game features 4 playable classes in Vanguard, Rogue, Samurai, and Seer. Players must hack and slash way their way through Eliem, a fantasy world invaded by monster and many unknown entities!


Google Play



Other than the usual instanced dungeons for solo play in the story campaign, PVP modes such as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 10 vs 10, and more are available. The ally system is basically the pet system, where players can bring along 2 of them to assist on the battlefield. They have valuable unique skills which can be the difference maker! Dragon Samurai will be available worldwide in Open Beta with no data wipe.


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