Skyforge – First developer diary introduces new Orders system

[Beta register] Through the just-released developer diary video, the new Orders of Aelion feature was introduced for upcoming MMORPG epic, Skyforge. In short, it is a unique gameplay system which allows players to become a powerful god, wielding immense power over the in-game world.


Orders are not just for looks, they provide a third of a character’s might, with characters dealing more damage the larger their order. The size of an order, which can grow to be millions of followers large, is reflected in the amount of statues and churches erected in a player’s honor.

Skyforge - Orders artwork

Some believers called adepts will even do extraordinary deeds in the name of the player such as curing plagues, protecting their realm during invasions by other gods or serving as missionaries of the player’s glory in other realms. To view the amazing invasions feature, click here.