Skyforge – Paladin class trailer revealed for upcoming MMO epic

[Beta signup] Developed by Allods Team and set to be published by, the latest playable class for Skyforge was just revealed as the fearless warrior, the Paladin. As you could have guessed, the Paladin is a close combat melee specialist, and also an important member in parties.


The Paladin class is skilled at defending both themselves and their allies with their mighty shield taking the brunt of the damage from several enemies at once while drawing attention away from other unprotected allies. He truly acts as the “meat shield” or “meat tank” role in Skyforge.

Skyforge - Paladin screenshot 1

While the Paladin is a great protector, the class also has plenty of abilities that make them a deadly combatant as they engage enemies. With Skyforge’s instant class change, players can switch their classes almost everywhere on the battlefield. More details for the Paladin class here!

Skyforge - Paladin screenshot 2