Shinra Technologies – Square Enix reveals new cloud gaming company

[Company website] Yes, the new company’s name is actually taken from Final Fantasy, where Shinra features as a power company. Square Enix launched the new cloud gaming company over at Tokyo Game Show 2014, and is banking on the technology to be the norm in the near future.


Coined as ” the next evolution in gaming”, Shinra will sport an optimized data centre environment for the highest-quality cloud games, and also collaborate with game studios to develop new, never-before-seen game experiences. This is made possible using unique, patented technologies.

The next evolution of gaming

Square Enix will not be the first to do so, as Sony acquired cloud gaming startup Gaika for $380 million back in 2012. Other competition includes Microsoft’s “DeLorean” and cloud gaming platform OnLive. Shinra will be led by Yoichi Wada (below), former president of Square Enix.

Yoichi Wada