Kingdom Under Fire II – PlayStation 4 version to arrive Summer 2015

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) held its media conference at Tokyo Game Show 2014 earlier, and it was revealed that the English, Traditional Chinese and Korean languages for the PlayStation 4 version of Kingdom Under Fire II will be released Summer 2015.

Kingdom Under Fire II - Tokyo Game Show 2014 image

It is certainly still a long wait, I am surprised the Japan console version is missing, given that they are in Japan and PlayStation 4 is the hottest gaming machine in the Land of the Rising Sun. A mix of action RPG and RTS elements, Kingdom Under Fire II is developed by Korean studio Blueside.


The PC online version has been released in various Southeast Asia countries, including the Singapore/ Malaysia English server, for a few months now. The Xbox One version is apparently on the back burner, given Microsoft’s unwillingness to alter certain policies to accommodate F2P games.


[Press release] Kingdom Under Fire 2, the grand size Action Strategy MMOG, unveiled 2 special trailers at Tokyo Game Show 2014. Kingdom Under Fire II is under development in PS4 and PC platform by Blueside. Both special TGS trailers are around 1 minute long.

One is composed of scene with great impact and messages for fans all over the world. The other trailer has real gameplay scenes which were recorded with a PS4 controller and the actual PS4 UI on the screen. The trailer with PS4 UI revealed the game features about PvP mode and action battle against various boss monsters.

The trailers are being played at PS4 booth in Tokyo Game Show. Blueside is also having a business meeting at APA hotel near Tokyo Game Show 2014. Blueside has developed Kingdom Under Fire series since 2000 and currently under development of Kingdom Under Fire II, which has all strong points of previous game in the series.

Kingdom Under Fire II has powerful action, upgraded handling and strategic point of MMO. Players all over the world are available to experience grand size war with thousands of troops to be a conqueror of the world in the epic game. Kingdom Under fire II is expected to be the best F2P game for PS4.

Sejung Kim, CEO of Blueside, expressed self-confidence with saying, “PS4 has powerful competitiveness as online game device. We expect the importance of PS4 will increase rapidly as online game market is still growing up. Kingdom Under Fire II will give extreme satisfaction and excitement to PS4 players with high quality and game features.”

Kingdom Under Fire II for PS4 is expected to have its first Closed Beta phase in coming winter. The PS4 version will have similar basic content as with the PC online version, but there will be additional exclusive contents which is available only for the console, such as a new character.

Kingdom Under Fire II - Tokyo Game Show 2014 PlayStation booth