Skyforge – More about the game from Gamescom 2014 developer panel

[Game website] With Gamescom 2014 ending this weekend, I thought I should post more about the few online games on display there. Developed by Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment, Skyforge is an ambitious new MMORPG which aims to please gamers. The developer panel can be seen below.


The major highlights of Skyforge include a level-less system, ability to switch character classes on the go, ability for strong players to become a “God” and lead others, massive PvP and PvE raids and more. Learn more about the game over at the website, and remember to sign up for beta!

Gamescom 2014 screenshot 1 Gamescom 2014 screenshot 2 Gamescom 2014 screenshot 3 Gamescom 2014 screenshot 4