MU2 – Webzen teases first 4 playable classes for upcoming sequel

First announced back in 2011, Webzen has finally teased the first 4 playable classes for MU2, the upcoming sequel for a MMORPG classic. After a little proper translation, they are known as Blader, Dark Lord, War Mage and Whisperer. It seems there is no archer, but I guess more will be announced.

MU Online 2 - Blader class artwork MU Online 2 - Dark Lord class artwork MU Online 2 - War Mage MU Online 2 - Whisperer class artwork

According to reports, Webzen will not be at G-Star 2014, which is definitely a surprise since it has been 3 years after MU2 was revealed. Is Webzen delaying development again? Well, no one knows for sure. Like many other of its rivals, the developer is now hot on the heels of mobile games.