Dungeon & Fighter – Taiwan server shutting down for the 2nd time

In what is a supposed shocking announcement, Garena Taiwan just announced the closure of Dungeon & Fighter on 29th December 2014r. This comes after the Open Beta launch back in April 2013, and after Gamania ended its tenure as the game’s first Taiwan publisher. What is plaguing game?


Garena actually came clean about the reason for closure, citing Dungeon & Fighter as a “complicated” game as it required 2 times more financial and manpower resources to support. Having spent over 700,000 USD on promoting the game, the current player number is just not enough.

Dungeon & Fighter Taiwan - Closure announcement

Korean developer Neople agreed with Garena, and both companies came to the uneasy conclusion of closing the server after acknowledging the financial losses. Dungeon & Fighter was supposedly to ride on Garena’s League of Legends popularity to enter the eSports scene, but that will now not happen.

Before the closure on 29th December 2014, Garena will release a new content update featuring characters, costumes and more from the popular anime, Sword Art Online. With this, there will only be 3 servers left in Korea, China and Japan. The global English server is apparently in the works.

Dungeon & Fighter Taiwan artwork