Black Gold Online – English server begins official Open Beta phase

[Register now] After months of testing, Black Gold Online has officially entered the Open Beta phase in North America! Developed and publisher by Snail Games, it features an epic war between users of technology and magic, with the primary target being the resource known as Black Gold.


While I wasn’t too impressed about the Chinese Alpha/Beta phases, it seems Snail Games is doing its best to make Black Gold Online “the” steampunk online title gamers are craving. The massive PvP battles are something to look out for, along with 6 playable races and up to 12 classes in total!

Black Gold Online - Goliath screenshot

Marvelous Art Direction – Black Gold Online creates a visually stunning world, mixing Steam punk with high fantasy in a clash of styles. Join the war as one of 6 races from the two rival factions.

Unique Carrier Gameplay – Ride into battle astride powerful Battle Carriers. Develop your own Carrier and join forces in large-scale mounted battlefields by land and air.

Battle for Control of the Land – Battle fellow players, join guilds, and march on the battlefield in Black Gold Online’s rich PvP system. Fight as one of 12 distinct classes in high-speed, action combat.

Black Gold Online screenshot 1


  1. Tried the CB. Starting quests threw me around the setting, giving tons of exp at each destination, but they didn’t actually let me do anything. I had no idea what was going on and the quest text didn’t help. Didn’t leave a good impression.

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