Tree of Savior – New developer blog touches on transportation and skills

It is time for the regular developer blog by the developers over at South Korea for Tree of Savior! Currently crafted by IMC Games using an in-house engine, Tree of Savior is being led by Mr Hakkyu Kim, 1 of the main leads behind Ragnarok Online. More info about the game here!


Q) What other transportation methods are there besides riding on Companions? Is there a portal NPC or a teleport item?

A) You can teleport between the statues of goddess that are scattered across the villages and the fields in the game. If there are no statue of goddess on the particular field, then you can transport to the last place that you were warped using a warp item or the place near the statue that you already know.

Tree of Savior - Statue of Goddess

Q) Can we move around when casting skills as a wizard? I watched a previous video clip and it seems that wizard was casting skill on monsters by moving blue circle using keyboard. I guess we can’t move when we do that right? I want to know more about that.

A) Not all skills are using that interface, but it is usually used when we use certain skills that need to select certain spots on the ground. For example, summoning flame spots on the ground.

While holding onto a hotkey for any one of those kind of skills, use directional keys to move blue circle to the spot that you want to cast a skill on, and then release the hotkey to use the skill. When you quckly press and release a hotkey, then the skill will be casted in front of the direction which your character is looking at.

Tree of Savior - Combat skill hotkey

Q) For the videos that have been released so far, we haven’t seen any effects that are related to abnormal status on characters. Are there de-buffs as well?

A) Actually we have many of them. But, since we are releasing video clips for the game which we are developing at the moment, we have a lot to show you besides abnormal status or de-buffs.

Tree of Savior - Debuff status

Q) How many Companions can I own? Are they with the characters at barrack as well? Can they equip any items?

A) Companions stay with the characters at barrack. If the maximum number of characters that is allowed for a particular barrack is four and you have a companion, then you can only have three characters in the barrack.
When you start the game, you select both your character and your companion at barrack and go to the field.

This means, for one companion you can share it with various characters. Of course, the level of closeness between your companion and each of your characters will be different. We have a plan to have equipments for companions.


Q) I don’t like the characters’ voices and the effect sounds. Can you please change them?

A) Characters’ voices and the effect sounds are all prototype at the moment. They will be re-worked before we launch commercial service.

Q) When there are two wizards, I heard that there is a skill which spreads to wider area. Can two different characters combine or merge together to have special skills?

A) Well, I think combining or merging is not the right words in our game. However, we have some skills which can be collaborated with different classes of characters in the game.

Tree of Savior - Skills synergy (pass health to friendly player) Tree of Savior - Skills synergy

Q) I know there are elements in the game. Are there also attribute system as well?

A) Basically, depending on monsters’ species/size/defence type, attribute of attacks and de-buff status, there will be synergies on attacks. There also synergy effects depending on the type of combinations of skill + skill and attribute + skill.

For example, “Bleeding De-Buff” + “Stab” attack will create “Greater Bleeding De-Buff”.

Q) I really want dual long swords.

A) There was a discussion inside our development team to allow certain classes to equip a weapon on left hand. This has not been confirmed yet, so if we decide to allow it, then we will introduce this to you in the future.

Tree of Savior - Town