Archlord 2 – Closed Beta phase is now live with more keys up for grabs

[Game website] After several months of teasing, the Closed Beta phase for Archlord II has gone live globally! Developed and published by Korean studio, Webzen, Archlord II features 2 opposing factions, a wide range of changeable weapons and intense PvP battle modes.


Interested gamers can claim a key above (1 per IP address) and redeem the key here. While Archlord II took much flake in South Korea upon release, it seems the developers have taken some time to fix the problems and make the game more accessible and less pay-to-win.

No keys left! Sorry.


[Press release] Webzen, a global developer and publisher of online games announces today that the Closed Beta test for the long awaited dynamic PvP MMO Archlord 2 is now available. Starting today, players who redeemed their Archlord 2 CBT keys and received CBT access can access the game.

After downloading the client ( and installing the game, users will have to login to the service using their WEBZEN account credentials, and after that they will be able to choose the server, start creating their in-game character and enjoy the game.

Archlord 2 screenshot 2

In the Closed Beta test, players will have access to a total of 5 servers, based on different regions and languages. They can select between two different factions with one race supporting each faction. Character progression will be capped at Level 30 and there will be a character wipe after the CBT ends.

More information can be found on the official Archlord 2 website. To provide an engaging and a largely unrestricted environment, Archlord 2 introduces an effectively classless character system that will allow players to adopt any role in combat, depending on the type of weapon a player uses.

Archlord II screenshot


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