Eterlands – Environment and weather dictates gameplay in new MOBA

[Game website] Literally popping out of nowhere, Eterlands is an upcoming MOBA which describes itself as “realistic” in terms of graphics and effects. Eterlands isn’t boasting about being changing the norm in MOBA titles, but rather build on them through introducing unique features.


According to the website, players can destroy bridges to make certain paths inaccessible, destroy rock walls to kill enemies, and also breaking a dam to cause a flood, slowing the enemies. These are just some of the examples, and I am sure there will be more. Sounds really interesting.

Eterlands screenshot 1

Having a dynamic weather system doesn’t sound much, but bad weather such as heavy rain and snow will cause movement speed to turn slow, on a map-wide scale. Another layer of tactical gameplay is added, letting players plan which paths to take rather than blindly follow the same one.

Eterlands screenshot 2

Eterlands is also focused on allowing players build unique characters (via skills and items), and to encourage team work. Not much is said about these systems, but I guess it would be better to be shown a live demo on how they actually work. Eterlands is still in development, aiming for a release next year.

Eterlands screenshot 3