Dragon Nest – 8th character teased during annual forum with players

Now an annual event, selected Dragon Nest players in South Korea are chosen to have a chat with the developers and publishers face to face. The 8th character was revealed to be a female spear user, although I am not sure how to translate the name yet. Her debut is scheduled for sometime in July.

Dragon Nest 8th character

The update plans all the way till August  for Dragon Nest Korea were also laid out to participants, and some of the more important ones includes massive character balancing, the new Volcano Nest (the Phoenix Dragon boss seen below), and replacing the public farm with a public hot spring.

Dragon Nest Phoenix boss

There are too many changes, so here are some of the minor ones. Take note that all the changes are for the Korean server only. According to Eyedentity Games, full gears will now drop from the smaller nests, and Apocalypse, Cerebus and Manticore will combine into a new nest (drops 70S gears).

Dragon Nest new nest

For PvP fans, you will be glad that experience gained from PvP will now be on par with PvE. The main storyline for level 80 will also be introduced, along with 80A gears (estimated to be 5% better that 70S gears in terms of stats). Many system changes will be introduced, but I shall stop here 🙂

Dragon Nest annual player forum