Skyforge – First Q&A reveals level system and switching of classes

[Beta signup] Jointly developed by Allods Team in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment, Skyforge is an upcoming sci-fi MMORPG where ancient mysteries live side by side with cutting-edge technologies with 10-15 classes planned at launch. Seen below is the first community Q&A details.


Will we be expecting an open beta in 2014?
We have not yet announced any timing or details of our beta program.

Can we switch classes on the fly? 
Absolutely! As you unlock new classes, you can switch between them, out of combat, whenever you like!

Will one character be able to do everything (outside of class restrictions) or will alts become necessary for experiencing all the content?
Fast switching between classes rids you of need to abandon your favorite character in order to create an alt of a different class. This limitation is completely lifted! (Click here for the revealed classes)

Skyforge - Female Paladin

Can you tell us about server; are there going to be different server for different regions such as Asia, Europe, etc.?
Yes, we are going to open different servers for different territories. Nevertheless, inside each of the territories there will be only one server, so that you would be able to play together with your friends.

How is the character creation going to work in terms of character naming? Are we going to have gods called SuperGod123 running around?
When we decided to open one big server for a huge number of players, of course, we had to ask ourselves a question, what to do with character naming? It’s quite obvious, that players will soon run out of decent nicknames, and will start naming their characters like you said.

So we thought, why not giving our players full scope to creativity? Thus, we are killing two mobs with one stone: a first name plus a surname gives players a wider range of good nicknames, and you can give your character a true nickname of your dream!

Skyforge image

What is the max level?
Character progression in the game is not level based. With the ability to develop multiple classes and a robust elder game, players will always have ways to advance their characters further.

Having seen the photo of The Factory, are dungeons going to be an equal mix of fantasy and sci-fi themed?
There is no exact proportion. You might have noticed pictures of Dankit Island, as well. This is a fine example of a fantasy-themed location. We did our best to please admirers of different kinds of settings. You will have a chance to see more Skyforge locations pretty soon!

Skyforge screenshot

Will there be dynamic weather for the world, or specific weather for certain events, quests, etc.?
Different climate regions of Aelion feature their own, unique weather conditions. While traveling across the Skyforge world, you will come across deserts of ice and snow or muggy, humid jungle. And, if you’re lucky, you will have a chance to lounge at a luxurious tropical island!

What kind of Combat system use Skyforge? Action non-targeting or the classic stop, press and kill?
Skyforge is an action-combat game. This means you aren’t simply walking up to a creature, clicking on your target and then casting a series of spells from your hot bar until you or the monster are dead. Inspired by the best console action and fighting games, players move through the world using WASD + mouse.

Where you are looking is where you will go when moving, and were your attacks will go when you attack. The player’s primary abilities are focused on the left and right mouse buttons so movement and combat are seamlessly blended.

We use a lot of interesting input modes – combos, press and hold, etc. to give players the situational complexity of combat abilities they expect in an MMO, while still keeping you heads-up and immersed in the action, not the UI.

Are there plans to have Developer Diary/DevTracker videos that will give the community updates on progress or will updates come solely in the form of forum posts and articles?
Of course, we are planning to introduce our developers to you! They will gladly tell you about the game creation process in person! We will be posting videos, stay tuned!

Skyforge screenshot 1