Age of Wushu – New trailers display upgraded weather and water effects

Previewed earlier, the weather upgrade system will be arriving in the China server on 8th August. Below are 2 more trailers highlighting the changes, with the first focused on a thunderstorm, 1 of the several effects. These weather changes are not just for aesthetic purposes, but affect the living world as well.


It seems the AI is still not working as intended, given that many NPCs are still walking around in a thunderstorm… Next up, better water effects, and for this it is mostly aesthetic. Sunlight, moonlight, ripple effects and more will show up realistically.


Seen below are screenshots of a sandstorm, in which ancient ruins and hidden underground catacombs will be revealed temporarily out in the wilds, waiting for players to discover what treasures are hidden in them.

Age of Wushu - Sandstorm Age of Wushu - Sandstorm