Black Gold Online – Snail Games releases E3 2013 game trailers

Snail Games USA is over at E3 2013, and apparently sparing no costs in its effort to promote its second online game, Black Gold Online. Pitting 2 factions against each other, Magic and Technology/ Steam, they are out in a massive war to obtain the rare resource known as Black Gold.


I have tried the China server for Black Gold Online, and my preview is certainly not a positive one. Snail Games USA, like its China HQ, is promoting the game as having “non-lock” combat, but the core system is very much the standard point and click. It is certainly a misleading term.


Age of Wushu will also be getting its first content expansion, titled Legends of Mount Hua. This is the update where the PvP tournaments get serious, with the winners getting one-of-a-kind weapons.