MU2 – Webzen set to take action over China’s bootleg version

Originally known as MUX and developed by China MMO company, The9, the game has just been renamed as “奇迹2”, which is the Chinese name for MU2. Below is the debut trailer.


You see, The9 used to publish Webzen’s MU Online in China, and after the contract ended, The9 has been finding ways to continue using that name. MUX has been delayed for over 2 years before the recent reveal.

"MU2" China screenshot

The9 recently got official certification from the government to use the name as well, which prompted Webzen to announce that it is looking into ways to pursue this matter, potentially on legal grounds.

"MU2" China screenshot

The real MU2 trailer can be seen below, developed by Webzen. The game will supposedly enter Closed Beta later this year.