Blitz 2: Battle Line – Tank action from a different point of view

While coined as the sequel to Blitz 1941, I am not really sure if they are of the same developer. From Korean studio Creant, this is Blitz 2: Battle Line, a tank-based online game. The gameplay seems like a hybrid of the RTS and MOBA genre, which can be seen in the videos here.


Even if the primary camera mode is isometric, it seems players are able to switch to 3rd person, similar to World of Tanks. However, the graphics aren’t really that good in Blitz 2 close-up when compared with the juggernaut.


Blitz 2 will also feature an open world, where 3 nations slug it out to conquer more lands, which reminded me of Planetside 2. I wasn’t really into World of Tanks, but Blitz 2 has really gotten into my good books thus far. Closed beta begins in Korea from 6th to 10th May.

Blitz 2: Battle Line - World map