Age of Wushu – Experience the authentic world of wuxia

[Register now] After a couple of years in the planning, Age of Wushu is finally launching (technically) in a few hours’ time. Well, folks are supposedly streaming into the servers right now, so technically Age of Wushu is already live!

Update: The old server is now live to enter, but for the brand new server, players will have to wait for a few hours more. More information at the official website!


Featuring a unique level-less system and touted as a true martial arts/ wuxia online game, players will not be seeing too much of those mystical stuff, including flaming mounts or over-sized weapons. On that matter, no chunky metal plate armors or bulky shoulder pads as well.

Age of Wushu screenshot

There are just simply too many features to go into, but Age of Wushu certainly has an interesting offline system as well, with your characters having a chance in becoming NPCs for quests. You might find your character in a different place where you logged off!


Age of Wushu is certainly not the only wuxia MMORPG taking the spotlight these days, as Swordsman Online will be entering its 2nd test phase next week in China. I will be there for the ride, so stay tuned for my reports!

Age of Wushu screenshot