gPotato – Official notice claims no games will be affected

In a followup to the sudden news of gPotato North America, Europe and Brazil being sold to rival Webzen, an official notice has been posted. It states that “There are no plans to slow down, scale back, or shut down any of them.” However, this is not the first time gPotato has openly lied to its users.

gPotato notice

Previously, I posted about Luna Online and Iris Online’s developer, Eyasoft, stopping content updates for both the games in its native country, and will affect the English servers as well, which are under gPotato. Promptly, a gPotato staff emailed me and accused me me of spreading rumors, and that the games will still be updated. Of course, both titles closed down in within a few months. I would advise every gPotato users to take the notice above with a pinch of salt.