Project Blackstone – Blizzard reveals “new game” to the public

Yes, it is bad news when you see me typing “new game”, as it is really otherwise. Blizzard got the whole world speculating when it registered the Project Blackstone domains, and promptly rumors about Diablo III’s expansion, Project Titan or a new game spread like wildfire. It is actually a marketing campaign for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

North America link:

Europe link:

I have no idea how to obtain the code to enter the website, but the Taiwanese media was able to sneak in and take a look. The materials inside mixing Zerg DNA with human’s… you know, all those weird experiment stuff.

Project Blackstone

The Twitter section of this campaign is also now up, with all of the accounts below belonging to folks from Project Blackstone. Looks like Blizzard is really putting in effort to promote the expansion’s lore.