Snail Game – Ambitious developer lays out future plans

At last night’s Snail Game Product Launch 2013 event, developer Snail Game announced several new titles, but I will just focus on the core MMO ones in this post (browser, social and music games aren’t interesting me).


First of all, the much anticipated Savage Horizon has been re-branded as “Savage Horizon: Bloodlines”. There isn’t even an official website available yet! From the trailer above, the game looks oddly similar to Black Gold Online…

Savage Horizon: Bloodlines is a sandbox MMORPG heavy on the Western design styles, and is scheduled to enter beta later this year. More information can be read from my previous posts.

Savage Horizon: Bloodlines

Black Gold Online, also a Western style themepark MMORPG, will be promoted for worldwide distribution together with Savage Horizon in 2013.


Snail Game also announced that they are inviting writers from Hollywood to write a movie script for Age of Wushu, with firm plans to enter the film industry.

Of course, it will be martial arts-themed, with Snail Game aiming to provide the 3D technology for production while relying on Hollywood to procure the cast and to write the storyline.



  1. pls,this is not DNL.
    savagehorizon(remade dnl) and savagehorizon:bloodlines are different mmos.

    there must be some mistakes that made by the media.

    savagehorzion(dnl) use the same engine with blackgold and bloodlines ,just higher version.
    In future ,this name”savage horzion” will become a name of series MMOs and dnl have a new name.

    PS: sorry,my poor english!

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