PlayStation 3 – Sony cancels console certification for China

PS3 logo
While I do not usually post about consoles, an interesting news popped up in the China gaming forums today. With some neat CSI skills, a gamer found out that Sony Computer Entertainment has cancelled its 3C certification bid to finally launch PlayStation 3 in China, with the cancellation taking place on 29th November 2012.
3C certification is usually based on the product’s quality, and even if the certification is obtained, it does not mean the product is finally cleared to go on sale in China. According to the data over at the website for China Quality Certification Center, the model specifications fit those of PS3 systems. Click on the image below for the full view.
PS3 China cancelled
Prior to this, Sony Computer Entertainment also cancelled the certification for PlayStation 2 back in 2006. Consoles have always been banned to go on sale in China, with the current gaming community relying on PC games all these years and the recent boom of mobile gaming. It looks like console gaming will continue to take a back seat in the world’s biggest country.


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