Dragon’s Dogma Online – Update 3.2 arrives this week with new High Scepter class

While Dragon’s Dogma Online might never be imported to the western region, it seems the MMORPG running on Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 is doing very well in Japan for developer Capcom after all these years. This week, update 3.2 will arrive with the brand new 11th playable class, High Scepter. This class is basically a swordsman with magic spells, making it versatile in all kinds of combat situations. Enjoy the update trailer!

With the power to drain magic power from enemies and use it as his/her own, the High Scepter stores the magic power in his/her sword before unleashing devastating attacks or used to cast support magic. The High Scepter can trigger an ability to move back a distance from target enemy before casting spells, and can immediately follow-up with a move back in front of the same target. There is no cast time for all High Scepter spells too!