Metro Conflict – Closed Beta 2 looming for Unreal 3 shooter

Developed by Red Duck, the same studio which created Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A), Metro Conflict was known to the world since 2010, when it was first announced. Fast forward till today, only 1 Closed Beta phase has passed, with the 2nd one slated to begin from 12th December till 18th December.

Red Duck

More characters will be added in the future, hence players need not worry about the lack of them. The feedback from Closed Beta 1 was apparently the complain of the game being too complicated, which is an issue to be resolved in Closed Beta 2.


Developed using Unreal Engine 3, Metro Conflict has so far been confirmed for just China overseas, with online games kingpin Tencent Games the publisher. In my opinion, the game was revealed far too early, since it looked stunning among its competition back then. But for 2013…