Aion 4.0 – Official launch date announced for Korea

So, the NCsoft held a press conference just less than a couple of hours ago, and officially confirmed the launch date for Aion 4.0 to be on 20th December 2012, which is later this month! Some content will be added at separate dates, up till early 2013.


Together with tons of new dungeons, maps and classes, the Free-to-Play option will be extended to level 45 (max level cap increased to 65).

Aion 4.0 Shooting Star

As reported earlier, popular singer IU will the official spokesperson for Aion 4.0, with the first image of her as the new female Bard class being shown. She is looking really sweet, despite her recent scandal…

Aion 4.0 IU Aion 4.0 IU Aion 4.0 IU


    • Never mind. I googled it. Not really sure how being in bed with a guy is a scandal… Is sex for celebs considered scandalous now a days? She didn’t even have a boyfriend at the time so it’s not as if she were cheating on anyone….

      • Korea’s really conservative in terms of sex. When celebrities expose too much of their sex life, it’s considered a “scandal.” There was a similar uproar from fans when the two members of the performance team “Troublemaker” (Hyuna and Hyunseung) shared a quick kiss on stage.

        It makes ordinary people kind of uncomfortable, culturally. This one just happens to involve the woman who Korea accepted as a sort of “little sister” idol type, and one of the members from the notoriously popular and probably best known boy band in the country, Super Junior.

        -shrugs- Korea being Korea-y.

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