Age of Wushu – Nine Swords of Dugu debuts in China server

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Well, not all 9 parts are released yet from what I know, and getting even 1 part of the skill means you must be the best at something and stand out from the thousands of gamers in each server. Probably the most powerful set of skill in Louis Cha’s novels, including Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes, Nine Swords of Dugu has been used by just 3 characters (not including the founder who never appeared). Below is a simple translation of the 9 skills, which can only be used when holding a sword.
Nine Swords of Dugu
Do note that information might change when it is localized for the English servers. Some of the weapon mixtures have been edited from the “true” Nine Swords of Dugu, for example the Mace Break Stance is actually used to counter claw weapons in the game. Once again, this is just for referencing purposes. The method to obtain heavenly Sword can be seen here.
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