Age of Wushu – Brief guide for 2 new ultimate skills

[Register now] They are not exactly secrets, since everyone will know eventually. I am talking about the 2 new ultimate skills recently added to the China and Taiwan server for Age of Wushu, the Sunflower Manual (葵花宝典) and Star Absorbing Skill (吸星大法).

The former will require male characters to virtually castrate themselves in order to master the skill, and after castration, the character will have a decrement of 30% in movement speed for 1 day due to the pain… Note that the information below is directly translated from a fan guide on the Chinese forum. Update: Both male and female characters can learn the skills!

Age of Wushu Sunflower Manual

First off, players will have to get the related treasure item for each skill, Embroidered Needle (Sunflower Manual) and Black Wood Command Tablet (Star Absorbing Skill). These 2 items spawn randomly from world chests, and each server will have limited amounts of them. These items are character-bound on pickup, unable to put into storage, and each character can only have either 1 at any time.

If a character carrying either of the treasure items is killed, the treasure item will drop, and everyone can try to loot it. For players without the treasure items, they can pay a fee to a NPC, who will give them tips of the holder who has the least positive relationship with the NPC.

Age of Wushu world chests

If the character is online, the NPC will give the paying players tips on his or her location in the game. For 2 prices, the player can choose to teleport to where the holder is or the nearest save point.

Holding the treasure item, the character can now proceed to find an eunuch NPC to begin the training quest. After getting the required buff, it is time to kill players to obtain points. Each treasure item starts with 15 points. Killing 1 players nabs 1 point, and the same player can only be killed 2 time daily. This process only happens daily from 18:00 till 24:00.

Do note that these points can degenerate, for every 10 minutes offline, 1 point is deducted. Once again, this happens only the 18:00 till 24:00 period daily, which led to majority of the working players raging in the forums… After getting 300 points, the character can now proceed to learn level 1 till 36 of either the Sunflower Manual or Star Absorbing Skill.

Age of Wushu treasure item 1 Age of Wushu treasure item 2

For the Sunflower Manual, character’s look will change at level 6 (whiter skin), 16 (facial hair gone) and 26 (pinkish makeup). This change is permanent.

Both skills cannot be trained the normal way, and will need to continue killing other players to level them up. Every kill contributes to 1% of the skill level, with each needing 100% to level up. To train till level 49… It means that thousands of players must be killed (same player can only be killed twice daily for points).
Age of Wushu ultimate skills NPC

The top practitioner of the Sunflower Manual will also get an exclusive set of costume which replicates what Invincible East (东方不败) wore. The Sunflower Manual focuses on control skills, freedom from global skill cooldowns and increasing movement speed, which is very powerful in PvP. The Star Absorbing Skill steals target’s stats to self-boost health (HP) and inner energy (MP), rendering the target severely weakened.

According to players in the China server, a negative thing about these ultimate skills are the huge amount of resources needed to activate and use them, causing them to be emergency-only skills.

For both of these ultimate skills, using them at level 6 and below will burn 20,000 skill (edit: cultivation in English servers) points every 20 seconds, and at level 7 to 15, burns 40,000 skill (edit: cultivation in English servers) points every 20 seconds. Apparently no one has maxed the skills yet, and hopefully there will be positive changes made in future updates.

Age of Wushu Sunflower Manual final form