Ragnarok Online 2 – SEA server to be announced soon

According to various hints, including this countdown website, Southeast Asia publisher Asiasoft is set to announce the first English server for Ragnarok Online 2 next month. The publisher announced Ragnarok Online 2 several years ago, and as we all know, the game subsequently went into development hell. Asiasoft recently announced a deal for the first English server of Cabal II as well. Will Ragnarok Online 2 finally arrive on English shores?
Update: Ragnarok Online 2 SEA announced! Click here for an exclusive interview with the developers, Gravity Games!


  1. I have played RO2:LoTS myself and honestly I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friends. It’s just your generic Korean MMO carrying a big name all thanks to its predecessor.
    The card system was completely overhauled; vending deemed useless due to the introduction of the auction; novice class scrapped; leeching nerfed; etc. etc.
    It’s just not Ragnarok with all these exclusions!

  2. You might not recommend others to play it in your own opinion but as a game everyone should give it a run first and draw their own conclusion from the game coz not all games suit everyone… one man’s rubbish might be another’s treasure.

    Most Korean MMO are a generic of each other… except for the 1 or 2 exceptions in the market that have been undergoing massive cbt testing to see what other new elements they can add in to make the game more interesting.

    No developers will make a squeal the same as its predecessor. Or else the game itself would be a waste of money to make in the first place. New system old system it has been added in only way to improve the game is for it to undergo testing and playing to get input from its community to improve on its existing system or even add in new systems.

    So to the above commentor if you think it sucks then you should just let the developers know of what they can put into the game to improve on its current status or even make it as successful as RO1.

  3. i also think it suck compare to its predecessor and wont recommend it to my friends. but i will say nothing if they found it by themselves.
    im still playing in official RO server till now and still manage to create and level my new toons to lv120+ but i cant even bring myself to level my char in RO2:LotS pass lv25.
    i dont know what made me having no motivation to play this game. but its my honest feeling and experience playing this game.

    i recommend others who are interested in this game to try it yourselves first if you can before judging it. i will also give it a second spin if it released in SEA and hope it will give me a second opinion

  4. i’ve play’d this game and it’s not as good as ro1 but sometime it have fun that u can’t found in ro1.

    i have sorc lvl 50 already at korean server.

  5. Great game if you’re into the style of play. Sure It’s Ragnarok, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same. If you want a more RO1 feel play RO1 and continue to wait for Project R-1 🙂

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