Ragnarok Online 2 – Exclusive interview with the developers

[Game website] In the crowd of reporters from major gaming websites armed to the teeth with professional cameras, video recorders, microphones and more, I definitely stood out with my old, bulky laptop and using only an iPhone 4S to take pictures.

Still, I am confident of having more knowledge about the Ragnarok franchise than them, ever since I started playing first title at the age of 13. And I even sold zeny for extra cash at one point =X Without further a due, the interview.

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA launch event

Q: How are you guys feeling now that Ragnarok Online 2 has finally gone overseas?
A: We are really excited since it is the first overseas server, and we are hoping the game will prosper.

Q: When did development for Ragnarok Online 2 really started?
A: For Legend of the Second, development started back in December 2009.


Q: What went wrong with the first version, The Gate of the World?
A: There was a big pressure to develop the sequel, and we wanted to put in too many features into the game. There wasn’t enough time as well.

Q: Were there any worries that players from Ragnarok Online will not get used to the full 3D graphics? Or was Ragnarok Online 2 developed for a different crowd?
A: We worried a little. However, with 3D, we can display the world of Ragnarok Online in a way the 2D version couldn’t. We can see the full models now, not just the back and front.

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA launch event

Q: What happened to the Merchant class? How will players set up stalls to sell items now?
A: In Ragnarok Online 2, everyone will be able to trade. Having the trade skills exclusive to Merchant class will bring about imbalance to the game, which is something we wanted to solve. There are the life professions now, chef, Artisan, Alchemist and Blacksmith, each with different functions.

Q: In Ragnarok Online, there were many new classes added over time, including class advancements. Will this be the same plan for Ragnarok Online 2?
A: The job system will be slightly different from Ragnarok Online’s in terms of classes. There will be 2 more new classes coming in Korea at the end of this month.

Q: So that will be together with the Noel race update (developers looked surprised I knew). So what are the 2 classes?

A: *Smiles and waves hand* We can’t tell yet.

Q: Will these 2 classes be available for Noel only?
A: Yes.


Q: Gamers who tried The Gate of the World are missing the Ellr and Dimago races. Is there any chance of them making a return in the future?
A: They will not be returning as they were previously.

Ragnarok Online 2 Ellr and Dimago

Q: So the new Noel race is the mixture of both Ellr and Dimago?
A: *Smiles* Yes.

Ragnarok Online 2 Noel race

Q: The card system is back, now equipped on players instead of equipment. How many cards can be equipped on each character?
A: 5 cards on each character is the maximum. (Note: 5 different normal cards can be merged into a special one)

Q: Will all monsters drop cards, even bosses? How many cards are there currently?
A: Yes, the bosses will drop their cards as well. There are about 200 cards currently. (I am guessing for the Korean server)

Q: 1 of the most memorable experience I had in Ragnarok Online was War of Emperium. Any hints if it will appear in this sequel?
A: *Smiles widely* Yes, War of Emperium will be back in Ragnarok Online 2. The Korean server will be getting this content update in April 2013. (I don’t think the Korean media has this info yet…)

Q: Are there PvE monsters on the WOE map?
A: Yes, there will be.

Ragnarok Online 1 War of Emporium

Q: Will there be open world PK or just mutual PvP?
A: There will not be open world PK, it has to be mutual PvP.

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA launch event

Q: What other PvP features will there be?
A: There are 3 PvP features now, the standard 1 on 1 PvP, together with PvP Coliseum and Battlefield.

Q: Seeing how difficult it was getting Ragnarok Online 2 out for launch, will the team be afraid to start on another sequel in the future?
A: We are not afraid to do so, and we are looking forward for Gravity Games to be developing it as well. We will see what players want. Of course, Ragnarok Online 2 just started, this is where we are focusing now.

Q: What will happen to Ragnarok Online now that its sequel is out? Are there still new classes and content planned?
A: Yes, new content for Ragnarok Online will still be developed. These 2 games will run parallel to each other and cater to different gamers.

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA launch event

Ragnarok Online 2’s first English server is published by Asiasoft, based in Southeast Asia. The game is currently in Closed Beta now, with everyone able to play without any keys needed. The game website is at http://ro2.playpark.net/. Due to first day issues and heavy traffic load, the website might be down for some.

Ragnarok Online 2 poster


  1. Awesome, cannot wait for it now i know WoE will be back i will actually prefer this over ANY AND EVERY OTHER MMO/RPGS yes in caps, finally WoE makes it back into an MMORPG <3 (screw siege modes of other so called games, i am talking WoE)

  2. i admit the graphic is doesn’t suit nowadays.
    but i love the story line and the background music compare to other mmorpg, personally i believe if they add more futures in game will interest everyone,
    experience gaining for character is easy if follow the quest and khara system ++++ with exceptional difficulty.
    hence i think it good in its own way…….

  3. Since I can’t comment without knowing how the game look and feel as an avid gamer from 1990 till now (and earns a portion of income via online/lan game development)..

    1. The new version of RO2 have lower texture and graphics than the first version.

    2. The game play and the controls feels like I am playing a game develop in 1995. The experience is like playing another MMO’s slashed together into FlyFF engine.

    3. One of the version I get as an aplha release on RO2 V1 is the sprite and graphics upscale when you are using a better video card, the new RO2.. it feels like I am using a built in video card and no option to upscale.

    4. There are games that can handle multiple players on a mid graphics render/texture. One of them is Rising Force which have it’s market slump to the ground when they repeatedly fail to patch a security hole vs memory editing.

    It is a game with 24/7 PVP on neutral areas and a timed PVP happening every 8 hours. Max players encountered on my gaming life is more than 1000 in one map.

    5. For me, removing the merchant as a class is not a good one, a better approach is to add an auction system. All games developed since 2004 now implements an auction house. The balancing part in RO 1 is the weapon source which comes from blacksmiths which in turn comes from merchants, this chars takes ages to level if you want to be a pure forger, same goes with the other classes. I was even the first melee spec spell as support mage years before the melee casters was introduced in RO 1. That was fun and I level faster than an average pure caster, and the feeling of building something non standard gives an extra feeling in RO 1.

    6. The issue with using lower sprites, lower resolution and excluding to use the latest drivers and libraries can cascade specially that DX engines mostly comes installed incomplete forcing an extra reinstall of DX engine. I am betting RO2 uses DX 9 with minimal libraries, it mess up my system when I alt talb forcing the computer to swap to high def text ture and setting on the desktop and forcing it to go low texture lower resolution/depth on the game. Only RO2 gives this problem.

    Heck, I don’t even have this issue with RO 1. Only on RO 2. One thing to note, video cards are being manufactured to support DX 10 and up from latest releases and have minor support for DX 9. The core reason is that windows XP is no longer on the supported OS in microsoft. With the lack of full support for DX 9 games/systems.. The game will soon face a fatal design problem… throwing people with new system out of the game.


    These are my observations as a gamer, a game designer, a video render creator and as a fan of the game.

  4. And in response of Mr. Antarek i agree with Mr. Keitaru, not all has the ability to buy nor upgrade their units considering the financial problems most countries are facing atm.

    And hence for fast pace games that is available now, as we all know “hack and slash” type, not all players were able to adapt this kind of gaming. As it seems you’re only looking at your own perspective view.

    How many girls you think plays games like this compared to a pure PVP focused games like Planet Side 2?

    For me as a gamer, if i were to develop a game, i would rather focus on how players will develop friendship and communication rather than make more enemies and blame others because of their team member simple mistake that leads to argument and verbal insults most of the time.

    Games as we all know, most parents are against it, for they believe their child is learning nothing and worst turns them into becoming violent.

    In todays most players behavior, what they seems to learn isn’t about friendship, but how to insult, bully others coz of their EQ’s and communication seems becoming less due of their focus on either leveling or too busy fighting rather than to talk.

    As a gamer, i rather focus on performance than details, whats the use of having too much graphics if this causes you to lag? while on the other hand most PRO players would rather turn down this graphics to have a faster rendering even if they have the newest rig for their machines.

  5. If you ask me for future RO development, i just wish they just remake Ro1 into 3D with the same map, same concept and same skills. . . Many were disappointed about the skills they once knew were gone. (i;e Sonic Blow, Storm Gust, Ice Wall that has been changed) not to mention the graphics that many were expecting to see in 3D specially the Grand Cross and Lord Of Vermillion.

    I surveyed with the players i played in both Korea and SEA servers and as a result, 95% agrees with the Remake idea instead.


    Top Places that players were expecting and wanted to see in Ro2 or in 3D: the majority answered: Glass Heim, Juno and Geffen

    Top Job Class they have high expectations to arrive in Ro2 or in 3D: the majority answered: Ninja, Gun Slinger

    Top Skills they wanted to be added in Ro2: Sonic Blow, Storm Gust, Old version of Ice Wall and Magnus Exorcismus.

  6. I agree that it’s impossible to please everybody when releasing a game. Nut it doesn’t mean that you don’t have key elements to reach not to disappoint your main player target. Now, as you said, this is just my opinion. But as far as i can say, if i take a look at what people say about RO2 on the main MMORPG forum in my country (a French one : http://forums.jeuxonline.info/showthread.php?t=1204311), i d say that about 90% of players opinions are the same than the one that i ve shared with you : RO2 is a big disappointment visualy speaking and its gameplay is worse than the one of RO1.

  7. @Antearek…. Dont really agree with what you have to say.. but meh its ur own opinion.. working in the games industry myself. Its hard to please everyone and adding to this not everyone has the ability or spending power to build a high end rig especially if your game is targetting the younger audience.

  8. Then let’s hope that we won’t have to wait another 10 years and that they ll learn from the possible failure of RO2. Time ll say 😉

  9. Yup, nostalgia is probably their best asset. But this is a dangerous one also as far as most people that enjoyed RO1 are expecting the same quality level for RO2 plus all the quality added to MMORPG productions during the past 10 years.

    • Maybe for RO3 🙂 But for RO2, I guess there hasn’t been really a huge uproar yet with concerns to graphics etc 🙂

  10. Well, i m 32yo and from my own experience concerning gamers, they are all casuals at first. It’s only a matter of time after stepping into video games that your turn from a simple casual player to a true gamer. So, according to me there is no difference between me in the 80’s and nowday teenagers. The only difference is that my generation permitted to introduce video games as the main “cultural recreation” when it was first seen as a niche and a weird way of spending your time. And for all that concerns the visual aspect of RO2, as an art director in the visual communication industry in my country, i can’t accept to read something like “I personally think it is looking pretty alright, dated, but good enough for a 3D cartoon-ish title.”. You can’t aim for just “good enough”. Especially when speaking about the visual aspect of anything as far as what is looking good or bad is subjective. So you have to focus on objective aspects such as textures quality of 2012 MMORPG. And unfortunately, as i have said, RO2 is still using low definition textures when most MMORPG use HD ones. That’s an objective fact that does not value this game. As i ve said, this game has already been launched and retired from the market. This isn’t something to take lightly. Sure those that have computers from the past 5-0years ll be happy to have a game that ll run on old systems. But is it the most representative part of PC players ? I don’t think so. And people expect a lot more from a second sequel than what has been done previously. 10 years have passed since the release of RO1. the market evolved and the quality of MMORPG products also evolved. That(s why i m very pessimistic about the chances of this game to have the same success than RO1 in such a competitive market than the 2012 MMORPG one.

    • In terms of numbers, definitely not able to hit that of RO1. But I reckon most of us are playing for nostalgia sake, looking past the graphics and features. I still love the card feature though.

    • I agree with you… compared to C9 and Blade and Soul online….RO2 is very way off behind in graphics and game tactics, however I can’t argue with it bcoz computers here in SEA are a bit late version and until now C9 and Blade and Soul is not yet released.

  11. The fact is that it’s really ugly and looks like a game reaelsed 10 years ago. Having a lesser visual quality on MMORPG that focus on PvP is logical when it comes to displaying more than 100 characters. But look at Planetside 2. Its a 100% PvP focused game and it has WAY better graphics that can be compared to nowday productions. RO2 is just a poor game. A generic F2P that is even not as good as RO1. If the game has been taken out of the South Korea market despite its huge fan base it means something. We were hoping for a better version of the game for its second release but the fact is that it’s a crappy game even for a F2P MMORPG.

    • I personally think it is looking pretty alright, dated, but good enough for a 3D cartoon-ish title. And I am in love with the card farming. Perhaps gamers these days are just looking fro everything quick, fast and fun. That is why casual games are out there, with little time investment needed.

  12. I also managed to test the game and it’s pure crap. The game is already visually outdated… it looks like a 10yo old game. Textures are low definition ones and characters models are below average for nowday MMORPG. The game system is also very generic. The combat system is a targeting one where you just select a monster and then spam skills. honestly, except if you have a crappy computer that can’t run nowday MMORPG, i see no valid reason to play this one that looks like any other generic F2P from the begining of the 21th century… which kinda explains why the 1st release of the game was a failure and the second one ll probably end the same way.

    • This version is made so as to stay true to the original, not straying far away from making it action combat or something. The graphics are there for a reason, imagine War of Emperium with Unreal 3 graphics? How many players’ system can support such intense images?

  13. Cinder, can you please at least give the password for the blockbuster game client so I and others can install the game because the site is so full of people that it refuses to load properly for me.

  14. Having graphic problems when there shouldnt be any problem as my graphic is gtx 570-.- which is consider quite new. Can see some pinkish area

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