Age of Wushu – New features over the next few months

I am talking about the China server, hence I am guessing the Western players will have to wait quite a while to get all these updates. From this month till December, there will be a couple of major content update for Age of Wushu China, and here is a rough breakdown. Information taken from

1. Mount Hua Open PvP tournament – Coming October 2012
Known as 华山论剑 which appeared in Louis Cha’s Legend of the Condor Heroes and Return of the Condor Heroes, this is apparently an open-to-all PvP tournament. The winner of this tournament will obtain 倚天剑 (Heavenly Sword), 1 of the ultimate weapons in the game and martial arts novels.

2. World leader PvP tournament – Not dated
This PvP tournament is open to a special group of players only: Leaders of the 8 clans, extraordinary strong players or the guild leaders of the top 24 guilds. The winner will obtain 屠龙刀 (Dragon Saber), the other half of the Heavenly Sword combination. And yes, it is possible for 1 player to hold both.

3. New ultimate skills: 葵花宝典 (Sunflower Manual) and 吸星大法 (Star Absorbing skill) – Coming December 2012
There are no official English names for these 2 skills, hence I just loosely translated them. The main star will be 葵花宝典, where in the novels, the practitioner must be a castrated male. In the game, players who learn this ultimate skill will see a change in the way he moves, looks, speaks and attributes. Yes, it is counted as in-game castration, an irreversible process (female characters cannot learn this skill). This skill was made famous by Dongfang Bubai (Invincible East) from The Wandering Swordsman.

Other incoming updates include the addition of super rare treasure consumables (poison snake, golden toad etc) which will bring different wondrous effects to players, large-scale PvP battlefields, special quests and ability to play as NPCs during such quests. New maps, dungeons and more will be added too among many other game content.