Dragon Nest – Low level videos for Kali

So, Kali was added to Dragon Nest Taiwan a couple of days back, and I managed to draw out an hour or so to give this new class a try. Designed with the intention to be super sexy, Kali is not shy about showing off some skin or her supposed curves.

Wielding either the fan (magic damage) or chakram (physical damage), Kali sides more towards the spell-caster side of the classes.


Her normal attack is one which kind of puzzled me. From what I noticed, her weapon actually does no damage, but whenever the left mouse is clicked, you can see this black purple-ish effect on the ground in front of her a short distance out.

That is what does the damage, hence I do get caught off guard sometimes expecting to hit the enemy standing right in front of me. In short, players will have to get used to how far the normal attack’s distance is with each click.


There is also this whirlwind skill which, well, does a circular AOE. But like the normal attack, it has to be timed properly since any enemies within the circular effect zone will not get hit. I know, this should be something easy to control, but not everyone has the patience to do so, I guess.

Kali is sort of a “dark mage” class, with her skills mostly filled with that black purple-ish color. Classified as a summoner, she does not really “summon” creatures, but they are actually part of her skill effects from what I have seen so far.


Note that I only played for a couple of hours, hence I am still at the basic class. Only 1 advancement route is open now, which is Kali -> Screamer -> Dark Summoner/ Souleater. Souleater is the interesting one, with the “real” ability to summon spirits which will stay by the character’s side.

This is based off the website’s guide, and I am kind of intrigued to play the game more. My main is in the China server though, which has yet to be updated with Kali…