Marvel Heroes – GameSpot’s walkthrough footage

[Game website] I am sure most of you would have read about Marvel Heroes right now. Originally known as Marvel Universe and developed by Gazillion Entertainment, this new MMORPG is being headed by 1 of the Diablo franchise’s creators.

This will of course explain why Marvel Heroes looks slightly similar to the action RPG, except having Marvel characters in it. Several media outlets tried the short demo over the past few days, but here is the first video look by GameSpot.


If I did not read wrongly, cosmetic changes to heroes’ appearances happens only when a full “set” is equipped, hence you will not see heroes being equipped with armor pieces not matching each other aesthetically. Another thing to note, players will not be able to create their own custom heroes, but choose from the list available.

Marvel Heroes screenshot Marvel Heroes screenshot

Also, the game will be instanced in battle zones, hence you will only see players in town (or hub), pretty much like Guild Wars 1 (please correct me if I am wrong). Not really a game on my must-play radar, but being a Free-to-Play, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try once available.

Marvel Heroes screenshot Marvel Heroes screenshot