Mabinogi Heroes – 6th character teased

The artwork for Mabinogi Heroes’ 6th character, Vella, was teased a couple of hours ago. Also known as Vindictus (link) in the West, Vella is a duel sword wielder wearing metal armor according to the images released so far. She seems like the female counterpart of Lann, which is not of any surprise since Nexon’s other games, such as Dungeon Fighters Online, are releasing the opposite genders as “new classes” through content updates.

Update: According to new reports, Nexon claims that while Vella does look and feel similar to Lann, there will be a couple of combat difference. Players will find out she is able to dodge better than Lann, and she can parry and launch counterattacks on enemies. For example, if an enemy attack Vella and she counters at the exact time, she will take no damage while the enemy will receive damage.