RIFT Korea – Free game time as popularity slides

Even before hitting the 6 month mark, the CJ Games is forced to begin a “Ascend Comeback Project” to seek quitters to join back the game.Here is how the campaign goes.

For players who last logged in between 15th May and 5th July, they will be given 14 days of free game time. A new player guide will also be available to aid these “veterans” to get familiarized with the new content added during their absence. RIFT Korea is looking to its first server merge soon as well on 17th July.

RIFT Korea - Free game time campaign

RIFT is looking to grace more Asia regions later in Q4 2012, which include the countries of China and Taiwan. Before that, neighboring Korea has already launched the game a couple of weeks back under MMO developer/publisher CJ Games/ Netmarble.

Using the same monthly payment mode, RIFT Korea has seen its ranking in gaming popularity charts drop from 11th position to an “embarrassing” 46th position. Why do American companies still try to force feed their P2P games on Asian gamers? After World of Warcraft, none has succeeded over the years. I am really puzzled by their business decisions =/

RIFT screenshot