[Hangame eX 2011] Fighters Club – Online brawling

Developed by studio KOG, Fighters Club is part of the Hangame EX 2011 lineup. A classic arcade-style brawler, the genre is brought back to live in the MMO genre. The game focuses on 3 major section of the character body, the top, middle and lower parts when a fight is taking place.

As seen in the debut trailer, there are various different close combat techniques available in Fighters Club, including wrestling and taekwondo. Foreign objects like metal rods and litter bins can be thrown at enemies as well. The game will also feature PvE maps and various PvP modes. Taking research to a higher level, each character from the different disciplines reportedly has over 300 different moves. Fighters Club is aiming at a Closed Beta test in Q3, with the official launch scheduled later this year as well.