[Hangame eX 2011] Project R1 – Ragnarok’s successor

As posted a few weeks back, developer IMC Games joined NHN Corporation, one of the biggest MMO company in Korea. IMC Games was founded by Mr Hakkyu Kim, also known as the “founding father” of Ragnarok Online as he was the creator of the game. Project R1 was rumored to be the codename of the developer’s next game after the success of Granda Espada worldwide, but not much news was heard again until now.


During the presentation, Mr Hakkyu Kim talked mostly about the game’s graphic system, on how 2D art was made into 3D ones for the game in 5 simple steps. As you can see, the game looks like a matured Ragnarok Online, but not into the realm of a full 3D MMORPG yet due to its camera angle. Nothing was mentioned about Project R1′s features except for a dynamic quest system being introduced. More information to come when available!

Project R1 poster