[Hangame eX 2011] Kritika – Action is king

Hangame (Part of NHN Corp), one of the biggest developer and publisher of MMOs in Korea, started its yearly reveal of upcoming games earlier yesterday. Among the first to be revealed is Kritika, an action MMO which developed by allm, also the creator of Lunia Online (or LuniaZ).


From the first 2 videos, Kritika looks can be confirmed to be a room-based MMO with intense action as its core combat system. Also shown are the 2 firstly revealed characters, with the male character having a normal swords mode and also a blaster mode. I can’t be sure if they are 2 different classes though. Closed Beta is expected at the end of 2011, with Open Beta scheduled for early 2012. The game has also been licensed to Japan under publisher GameOn.


A tiny update, I chanced upon this screenshots over at Korean gaming website, This Is Game. Other than the videos, you should have a better understanding of the game after looking at the UI and the score system. Enjoy!

Kritika screenshot Kritika screenshot Kritika screenshot Kritika screenshot Kritika screenshot