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Published on November 13th, 2012 | by cinderboy


[G*Star 2012] Visitors vote for best booth and games – The results

Over at G*Star this past week, visitors had the chance to vote for their best experiences in several categories in an official event by the G*Star organizers. From booths to games, these votes will tend to see which did the best and perhaps sniff out the type of games the Korean population will like to play over the next year.
Booths which you want to visit most –
1. Nexon (66.8 points)
2. Blizzard (44.2 points)
3. Neowiz Games (29.9 points)

Booths which are most impressive looking –
1. Blizzard (51.3 points)
2. Nexon (45.3 points)
3. Neowiz Games (32.6 points)

Booths with best game demo experience –
Top 3 – Nexon, WeMade, L&K Korea
Neowiz Games and Blizzard got the most negative feedback, as the space was either too big or too small in some sections. The 3-monitor display for Bless was also criticized, with visitors claiming it is not viable for most gamers to fork out for and play with 3 expensive monitors.

Games which you want to try most –
1. Mabinogi II: Arena (49.8 points)
2. Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm (37 points)
3. Bless (33.5 points)

Games which left you most satisfied after trying –
1. Dungeon Striker (89.2 points)
2. FIFA Online 3 (82.5 points)
3. Bless (79.8 points)

Games which you want to try again –
1. FIFA Online 3 (77.5 points)
2. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm (70.3 points)
3. Bless (67.4 points)

It seems Neowiz’s Bless is the stable game in all 3 categories, with the rather “old-school” tab-target system not turning the visitors off. Speaking of action combat, Dungeon Striker is said to be a surprise winner in the 2nd category, where the game heavily focus on fast battles. Both are on my to-play list, and hopefully Dungeon Striker will be coming out in 2013 for the English territories.


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Do you by chance know the brand name of the monitors in the bless picture? They just look so nice…


I wasn’t there, was told it is Samsung, although I am not 100% sure.


its Samsung UN46ES7100F 46inch LED TV. i read it from ‘ThisIsGame News center’. and they say price is over 1.7 million won( maybe 1.7/1085 million dollor)
forgive my poor english/


Overkill… 46 inches ?! Jesus…


ncsoft didn’t show anything new on lineage eternal,right?


Thanks for the answers! But man….USD$1599+ for a 46! inch smart tv…lmao nah I’m good.

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