[G*Star 2012] Black Desert – Preparing to launch next year

Even though PearlAbyss, developer of the upcoming Black Desert, did not have an appearance in the consumer hall, the Korean media still managed to get treated to some eye candy back in the business hall.

Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth

A short interview was carried out by Inven Korea, and here is a quick summary for this awesome looking MMORPG from the folks who made Continent of the Ninth.

1. Current game build runs minimally on GeForce 8600, Radeon HD 3000.

2. Development is at 70% done for the projected Open Beta client, with Closed Beta to take place in the first half of 2013. August or September 2013 is currently scheduled for Open Beta.

Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth

3. Black Desert, as PearlAbyss’ first game, has 52 staff, with 50 developers and 2 business staff.

4. A new Asian-oriented class with a “samurai” concept is in development.

Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth

5. World size is around the same as vanilla World of Warcraft’s, but will look bigger as Black Desert has a seamless world. Of course, there will be instanced dungeons as well.

6. Jousting, or mounted combat, is less efficient in general hunting, as its main purpose is to be used during sieges. And yes, players may ride a giant elephant into sieges.

Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth

Other than these details, a small quest was shown to demonstrate how Black Desert intends to deal with rats in the game (which MMO doesn’t have small critters?). Instead of killing X of them, players will have to control the flute using the “A” and “D” keys and lead the rats to the… sea. Yeah, Pied Piper style.

Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth Black Desert G*Star 2012 booth


  1. The UI looks terrible, but that’s funny how they basically said “we’ll show you how to make a fun kill X rats quest”.

      • Agreed. UI and the visual aspect is most likely the thing that is handled at the very end of development and UI most likely change dozens of times through the phases(remember the first Archeage UI which was basically paint rectangles?)

  2. This is one game I’m looking forward to seeing more of. Judging from the UI the combat looks to be more action orientated considering the guard, avoid and jump buttons. Even the kick button, it all reminds me of Vindi’s UI setup which is suuuuper encouraging 😀


    Can’t wait !!!!!! Can’t wait !

    This game is totally what i want 🙂

    OMG i .. ..my….. pants

  4. Any info about the customization? I hope it’s not gender-locked because honestly i really don’t get why 1/3 of korean action mmos i’ve played all have gender-lock
    Is it a cultural thing?

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