[G*Star 2012] Mirror War – Arcade shooter going mainstream MMO

Although the game just went into commercial service in Korea not too long ago, Mirror War is still part of L&K Logic’s lineup over at G*Star 2012. Mirror War is a arcade shooter at its core, but enhanced with new twists.

Rather than choosing plane models, there are currently 4 classes to choose from (each with 1 advancement) belonging to 1 of the 3 factions, along with skill trees, a main town and of course, dungeons and maps filled with traps.


The combat direction is usually facing upwards (vertical), but in certain maps and battles, the direction will switch to horizontal mode. I am not really sure of this system, as I will prefer to have choices rather than restrictions. The class used at G*Star is from the new Black Magic faction.

Mirror War demo

Mirror War is 1 game I will really love to see come out in English, as there is really no such MMORPG in the market now. It will be even better if the game appears on tablets… Below are 2 videos of Mirror War from the main server.