[G*Star 2012] F2: Floating Fortress – FlyFF sequel spotted

Since cancelling the supposed Closed Beta earlier this year, F2: Floating Fortress has gone pretty quiet. However, the game was spotted at G*Star 2012’s B2B hall. When questioned, staff of Gala Lab confirmed that the title is meant as a sequel to FlyFF, without giving away more information.

F2: Floating Fortress is developed as a more “hardcore” online title than FlyFF, with PvP and PK as the main theme. Currently, each guild has a maximum of 400 members, with relic guild wars allowing up to 3,000 players. There will be PvP maps such as the Colosseum and duel zone. The game is apparently still sticking to its open PK world concept. F2: Floating Fortress is still only in its prototype phase, and is aiming for beta in the 2nd half of 2013.